Many sports require a good physical exertion, this will make the chances of sports injury getting serious. So only that’s why there is a team of physician with every sports team to prevent those injuries from happening. They also treat those injuries which already has been occurred.

So there is a list of some common sports injuries:

Knee injuries:

The knees contain various ligaments. Games can be challenging for the knees, so it’s not unusual for one of those muscles or ligaments by putting stressed on them and they get torn. That is the place sports drug specialists come in.

These experts are prepared to analyze and treat genuine knee injuries that ACL recreation, knee arthroscopy, hyperextended knee, back cruciate tendon damage and a torn meniscus. Knee injuries can extend from gentle, which frequently requires staying away from weight or pressure on the knee, to serious, which may require surgery.

Sprain and strains:

Tendons, which are tissues that connect bones with joint, can be sprained while playing sports. The most widely recognized athletic wounds including sprains occur in the lower legs and wrists. Strains, on the other hand, include an extended or torn muscle or ligament. It’s normal for a strain to happen all of a sudden while taking an interest in sports.

Sports medicine treat sprains and strains by first encouraging the patient to rest the range, ice it to decrease swelling, and possibly wear a wrap or gadget that covers the damage. They may recommend the pain relief medication. Over the long period of time, the sports physician or specialist may prescribe practice or exercise to ease the patient on exertion.


When playing a game causes joint damage, it’s Dislocation. This can occur in the lower legs, knees, shoulders, hips, fingers, toes, elbows and even the jaw. Dislocations are related to serious torment, swelling, and distortion.

Treatment for Dislocation can change upon which joint is influenced. Frequently a sports physician will treat the separation by repositioning the bone that once needed to be adjusted into the right spot, they also prescribe pain relief drug, giving a brace or sling to avoid movement, and help you in recovery.


A fracture is a broken bone. While fracture may happen because of different exercises like auto collisions or falls, they are a standout amongst the most well-known athletic wounds. A broken bone is regularly connected with serious, sudden torment, swelling, wounding, delicacy, deadness, shivering, and trouble moving the influenced zone.

Sport physician specialists are prepared to analyze and treat cracks, however since these athletic wounds are serious, they are frequently treated with a thrown, brace, or even surgery to put rods, plates or screws into the bone.

So I hope in this article you will find out the basic injuries in sports and how the sports physician deal with them.