If you feel that you have a flare for dancing and you wish to go pro at it, it is best to join a dance studio. Many dance studios offer open performing arts platforms, qualified instructors and a comfortable atmosphere for dancers. However, not all establishments out there fulfill the needs of a good dance studio. Just to guarantee that you do not end up with a poor instructor or in the wrong place, it is important to consider the following points before joining a studio:

Qualified and Experienced Instructors

Since you love dancing and you are looking to become a pro at it by practicing regularly, it is important to ensure that your instructor is qualified and experienced. A qualified, experienced and certified instructor can help you master your dancing skills and motivate you to practice more. Besides, an excellent instructor does not only teach you dance, but is also patient, honest and a great source of inspiration for their students.

Enrollment Agreement

Another important thing that shows a good dance studio is that it is registered with the relevant authorities to offer dance classes in Edmonton. This is important as it assures you that the dance studio you are choosing meets the set legal requirements. Besides that, upon registration, reliable dance studios will tell you the charges for the dance lessons up front, as well as the number of dance classes you should attend.

The Types of Dances Taught

Different dance studios might offer training on different types of dances, so you should determine what your needs are in advance, then look for a studio that offers that. If you want to learn hip hop, for example, choose a studio that offers that. Also, you should determine whether a potential studio has a specific hip hop trainer or just instructors who teach all kinds of dances. Ensure that you do not land a dance instructor who is a jack of all trades and master of none. If you are looking to become an expert dancer, you should get training from a master. Choose studios that have dedicated instructors for the type of dance you want to learn.


When looking out for dance studios, you will come across several establishments. However, you should look for studios that have been operational for several years. Studios that have been around for years are likely to offer high quality training. Besides, such studios have offered dance classes in Edmonton for so long that they know how to address the diverse and unique needs of learners.

Flawless Facility

Finally, you should look for a dance studio that offers exceptional facilities for dancers. Dancing is a sweaty and tiring activity, so it is crucial that the studio you choose is clean, hygienic and has air conditioners. It should also have changing and shower rooms that are very clean, as well. If you come across a studio that is messy and unclean, continue with your search. Reputable dance studios also have prop shops, clothes, jewelry, and other things that are required for a dance routine, so keep this in mind, too.