Office boy is an executive clerk or deputy whose primary tasks mainly include all the administrative jobs or responsibilities. He or she is mainly found in a business office atmosphere. This is basically an entry-level job, which is very often filled with either the ones who have passed 12th std or the students who have just graduated. Some candidates are also hired as interns who are still completing their education and enlisted in an academic institution. Candidates who have opted to perform this particular role need to perform various administrative tasks. The word “office boy” may be understood or taken as a derisive term by some people.

Office boys need to be on their toes while performing their duties as they carry many job responsibilities. Tasks such as offering water, drinks or any beverage to the ones who visit or the ones who work in the office. Apart from that they also have to take care of files and documents and manage them and they have to provide it to the staff whenever they are asked to do so.

What does an Office boy do?

There are many tasks or duties accumulated in the bin for people doing office boy jobs out which they need to know how to prioritize their work and perform efficiently and also keeping in mind that they are fulfilling everyone’s needs.

Let’s move ahead and discuss each task which an Office boy is destined to do:

Usually, they broadcast messages which they get over a phone or a fax or even an email. They also need to be very good with organizing stuff as they also need to segregate files and documents in an organized manner and also give theirs in handling various projects. They also need to answer all the phone calls and provide them with the details that they are asking for. Not only on the phone, even if any visitor comes in, they need to vigilant enough to provide those details as well.

They need to regularly monitor the usage of devices and the suppliers that are in the office environment. They need to deal with all the questions or inquiries from the visitors or any workers. They also need to take care of all the needs shown by the workers.

A candidate doing an office boy job should coordinate with the maintenance team and make sure that the devices including mobile phones, telephones, fax machines, computers are repaired regularly and they need to make sure that it is in a working state every time.

What does an office boy need to have?

An Office boy should necessarily have good knowledge of office and management skills so as to flourish in this role.

He or she should also be very good with providing customer service as office management follows the same methodology by fulfilling the needs of all the staff and visitors.

The candidate should be quite interactive and should be completely at his professional best. He should be honest and completely dependable.

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