When it comes to vacationing, sometimes errands can stack up right before you leave. Check out our top five vacation errands you should get done before you leave in order to enjoy your stay. From kennels in Abbotsford and more, read on and discover just how much you need to get all of these pre-vacation errands done.

Dog Boarding and More: 5 Pre-Vacation Errands to Get Done

1. Dog Boarding

Dog boarding is a top choice when it comes to loving dog owners who also want to go on vacation and not bring their dog along, too. Dog boarding in Abbotsford reaches new levels of vacation errand awesomeness because your pup will have a nice time at the local kennel, and you can relax and enjoy your vacation. Reliable kennels in Abbotsford can provide dog boarding in Abbotsford, and dog boarding in Abbotsford is a great choice if you don’t want to burden friends and family with taking care of your pet, but unfortunately, you cannot take them with you at all.

2. Ask Someone to Get Your Mail

It’s actually very handy to ask someone to get your mail if you ask them ahead of time. You want to be able to know that you will not have mail building up in your box if you have someone getting it every day or ever other day. Don’t get mail stolen and do not get anxiety over your unopened mail – just plan ahead and arrange for someone you trust to retrieve your mail and collect it in a basket by the door.

  1. Clear Out Everything In Your Fridge

    So many people leave for vacation and they predictably forget to clear out their fridges. Do not come back to mould in your fridge, and one in which everything has gone bad except for the mayo and mustard. Ah, the beauty of this. You get to keep your home from becoming a bit of a health hazard, as well. So, finish up what you can and freeze as much as possible. Get rid of perishables or eat them and clean before you go so that your fridge will be organized, empty and sparkling when you return.

    4. Have Someone Water Your Plants

    Believe it or not, many homeowners or apartment renters go on vacation and then they forget to have someone water their plants! Of course, this can expand to cover things like fish, cats, and more, in addition to plants. Having someone water the plants the way that they should means that they will be alive and waiting for you when you come back, fresh as a daisy and still adding vital oxygen to the confines of your home.

    5. Making a List and Checking It All Off

    Making a list will help you to jog your memory, where you might have just shrugged and thought you had everything. Lists come in very handy in these types of cases, and it’s important that you know what you need to bring and have it before leaving for vacation. Otherwise, you will either have to go without it or buy it while you’re there.